Wednesday 23rd January

When I looked out of the window, late last night, there was a bit of a worrying sight.


A convoy of Western Distribution vehicles were parked right outside.

The chippy was closed so they were not refuelling and I don’t know what the problem was as we had enough electricity to power the TV to watch Celebrity Big Brother – ‘Dropmeout’.


After yesterday’s communication about the scam, I got more updates from the Post office security monitoring service.


When the postman came today he brought me an interesting package.

On opening, I found I had won the Booker Prize, sorry, a book in a prize draw from the Racing Post.


All I had to do was send an email to be put into the draw for the book.

‘You have to be in it to win it’ is my motto, so any free competitions are worth a whirl.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the Christmas chocolates that nobody buys from us?


Unfortunately we have to eat them!

The snow returned with a vengeance this afternoon.

The kids were sent home early from Tiverton High School, the postman could not get to Dulverton as the road was impassable and even the local pub had to close this evening so that staff didn’t have to struggle in.

There was not a major panic in the town as the Quarryman’s Rest remained open for those venturing out for a decent pint.

People have been out sledging (we have sold out – wonderful) making snowmen.

This person even made a snowdog.



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