Thursday 24th january

Last Thursday night we put out our compostable brown bins in readiness for collection on Friday morning.

Overnight on Friday it snowed like billyoh




billyoh – an unimaginably large amount; “British say `it rained like billyo’ where Americans say `it rained like all get out'”

 so the recycling lorry did not turn up.

If it does not turn up then you have missed your turn and you have to wait for the next collection (two week’s time).


Lots of people cannot understand this procedure and just leave their bins out on the hope some magical person will turn up to empty it.

 Whilst on twitter this morning I found this door sign which made me laugh.


Do you remember the advert for the long legged Jack Russells a couple of weeks ago ?

Here is a picture of them.


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One Response to Thursday 24th january

  1. Steve Lee says:

    The door photo looks very familiar to me. I have exactly the same shot and another photo of the door next door that reads “No Prostitutes Here”. They are in Soho.

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