Monday 28th January

After a weekend away it was back to reality this morning as the alarm clock woke me up while it was still dark outside.

We provided a new service to a customer this morning as he came in and asked if we could help him as his friends motor home would not start.

I lent him my jump leads and he sped off into the distance.

About an hour later he returned to say that they had call out the AA as the leads were not long enough to reach the motorhome battery.

We really are the 4th emergency service.

During a quiet period this afternoon, one of our customers who would normally hand her post over to the postman came in to the Post office has she had not had a visit from the postie today.

She lives in the middle of nowhere, but not many miles from Bampton, and franks her own mail which is collected by the postman even if he has nothing to deliver.

She was singing his praises and related back to the 1950’s when the Postman would do even more helpful tasks.

She remembers leaving notes on the kitchen table asking the postie to put the meal in the oven so it would be ready when she got home.


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