Tuesday 29th January

An early customer posted a parcel to a Mrs Fingerbottom.

I thought ‘What an unfortunate surname’.

I spied the Mid Devon ‘Dog Poo’ spotter putting up a sign next to the poo bin.


I presume he was performing his ‘Bill Poster’ task to try and let those owners who leave their pets mess in Mary Lane that if they caught they might get a £1000 fine.

As these owners do not pick up they are unlikely to see the notice next to the poo bin.

Richard the postie (Pete was on his day off) brought me some interesting reading to ease the boredom between customers.


Its thirsty work – reading!

We were discussing the continuous rainy weather with a customer and she said that she couldn’t go into her field as it was very squidgy.

I thought ‘I wish I owned a field’.

Late in the day a customer brought in a large item to post and she needed to wrap it up somehow.

Our mailing bags were not big enough so she had to resort to brown paper so she took off her coat, got out her tape, borrowed our scissors and got down on the floor to wrap the package.


She was sending the parcel to Ireland and as it was heavy it had to go by Parcelforce.

We told her that it would not leave until tomorrow on the three day service so would arrive on Monday.

What she doesn’t know it that our nice Parcelforce man called back in after 5 o’clock on his way back to the Exeter depot so it left tonight and hopefully gets to its destination before the weekend.

Got a lovely tweet today, a wind turbine has been blown over! http://www.thisisdevon.co.uk/Wind-turbine-collapses-Bradworthy-North-Devon/story-17994818-detail/story.html

Bampton has been a sad place since Friday when everyone found out that a young chap had died in a car accident.


Luke was a regular visitor to the shop when he was at school as he came in to buy some sweets when the school bus dropped the kids off across the road.

Like other kids that have now grown up and left school he still came in and bought some sweets occasionally while performing some ‘grown up’ transactions in the Post office.



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