Thursday 31st January

When I looked out of the window this morning this is the sight I saw.


Will the tanker fit up Mary Lane?

No chance I thought.

What was really happening was that the oil tanker was parking as close to one of houses up Mary Lane so that its pipe delivering oil could reach…I reckon it’s at least a 100yds.

We had a visitation today from over 20 children from Bampton school before lunch today.

The children are focussing on ‘Where we live’ as a theme linking to the whole school theme of settlements.

The children in groups of about 4, accompanied by teachers, helpers and parents, were taken around Bampton looking at the different types of shops and services available.

We already knew plenty of the children as they come into the Post office with their parents who are then under duress to purchase sweeties.

My other half chatted to the children and put together a pack of leaflets which was then addressed to the children at the school address.

They chose a stamp and then posted it in the letter box outside which was good for a photo opportunity.


We sent them away with Bampton mug each and a Balloon and ‘bug’ for each group.



Hopefully the letter will arrive at the school soon – maybe not tomorrow as we posted it second class.


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One Response to Thursday 31st January

  1. Steve Lee says:

    Some lovely photos on those mugs.

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