Friday 1st February

On Tuesday, I mentioned about the lady that would be pleasantly surprised if her parcel turned up in Ireland before the weekend.

‘Well, shiver me timbers’ the lady in question came in singing the praises of Parcelforce as her package arrived in Ireland on Thursday morning.

It is always great to exceed someone’s expectations..


Earlier in the week a young chap, about 9 years old came in to post a package for his mum.

He took the packet out of his bag as it was raining and asked for second class.

“Two pounds, twenty pence please” I told him.

He looked concerned as he offered me a pound coin and two fifty pence pieces.

He then wasn’t quite sure what to do next.

I said “ask your mum to drop 20 pence in next time she passes”.

Today she came in to pay the debt. It’s the sort of thing I trust our customers to do.

I now have another person in debt as someone came in today, a local trainer of thoroughbreds, who asked for a letter to be posted.

I put on the stamp label and asked for one pound twenty pence at which point he put his hand in his pocket and look aghast as he then realised he had changed his trousers and not got any money.

“I will go to Costcutters and buy something and get cash back” he confidently replied.

He then realised he didn’t have his wallet either.

“Next time you are passing” I said to him.


At noon today, actually it looked like ‘High Noon’ as a coach and  large lorry had a stand-off in Brook St.


It appeared to cause traffic chaos but these events only take a couple of minutes to resolve.

Just imagine living in the big city where these events happen all of the time and take ages to sort out, accompanied by lots of tooting and shouting.


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