Saturday 2nd February

Yesterday’s debtor was knocking on the door at 8:30 to clear his name but as we don’t open to nine o’clock I had to perform the Post Office security checks.

I recognised him and he owed me money so of course I opened the door.

When I opened properly at 9 it was quiet for the first 20 minutes apart from a couple of folks buying tickets for the Pantomime. No profit in that.


There was another squeamish moment today when a customer came in to post a parcel of goodies to her brother who had broken his ankle.

That was all fine and dandy until my other half started discussing injuries with the customer.

The customer then related a story of the time when she was a little girl and she caught her finger in a drop leaf table and it took the top off (the top off her finger that is).

Her mum picked up the missing bit and took it with her daughter to the hospital that joined it back together.

….It gets worse…

A few weeks later while she was playing with her brother he trod on her finger and the end came off again!!

….I was whistling to myself by this time….

Another customer came in halfway through the tale so my other half repeated the story!!


A customer came in to extend the time on her advert to sell a car and as she speaking about it the customer I was serving became interested as it was the sort of car he was looking for.

They went outside to compare notes and a sale looked like taking place.

All part of the Post office customer service.

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