Monday 4th February

Yesterday when I opened the curtains I spotted this vehicle across the road.


It is titled the ‘Strange Rover’ and presumably it would have come back on the trailer in a worse state than I saw it.


It was interesting to read the minutes from the January Meeting of the Bampton Parish Council.

Out Post Office closure got a mention.


g. Post Office Relocation.

Concern was expressed over the accessibility of the proposed site at the SPAR store and the problems which will be incurred by increased traffic and the desire of customers to park nearby. However, as the existing post office and premises could not be sold as an entity it was difficult to think of an alternative site. It was very important to retain a Post Office in Bampton particularly as it served not only Bampton but the surrounding villages. The Clerk was asked to write to the Post Office expressing the Council’s concerns over access and parking.


A youngish chap came in to post a letter.

I asked if he wanted it sent 1st or 2nd class.

He replied “First please, then my divorce will happen quicker “.


After work we did some after sales service.

A Post office Broadband user had upgraded to the Wi-Fi version and needed help to install it.

For the price of a shared bottle of red my other half did it whilst I did the chatting and drinking.

We need to return later in the week to complete the installation of Skype for the price of a meal.


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