Friday 8th February

 It was busy for a Friday for some unknown reason.

It started just as Denise clocked on at nine.

Her first customer(s) arrived with a car boot full of books and booklets, for both UK and the rest of the world.

This is just the pile of booklets.


The larger packets were already piled behind the counter at this stage.

Two hours and 427 postage labels later the work was done and they were ready for Pete the Postie to take back to Tiverton.


The customer did leave a lot of money for the payment but I hope they return on Monday to pay the full amount!


When I went into the butchers to buy some corn beef to accompany my jacket potato for lunch – have you tried it? The corn beef melts into the potato, lovely – the lady in front of me bought one sausage.

Neil said “Sixty one pence please” to the lady who turned to me and said “61pence for one sausage, can you believe it?”

I replied “It’s more expensive than a first class stamp”.


Later in the day, a customer was discussing how good some of the offers in Costcutters were and saying that she loathed Tesco (I’m with her on that point) and said that she only  went to T***o to get butter for her hubby. 

I told her that both Costcutter and the Fruit & Veg both did nice butter but she explained it was pricey and bought the Tesco butter because it was cheap.

Why would you bother for a few pence?

The customer then moved on to the price of water and then quoted from one of her German guests who had stayed with her.

‘The most expensive way to buy water is a Dutch Tomato’.

Strange sense of humour these Germans I reckon.

A lady came in with a mobile phone that she said she had found in Brook St a couple of days ago.

It was an HTC phone which I managed to switch on and boot up but there was no charge in the battery so i couldn’t do any detective work in trying to find out the owner.

Maybe i can find someone with a charger for it.


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