Thursday 7th February

This transporter stopped outside for a few minutes.


It’s quite worrying when you see these damaged cars as they probably set off from home in a nice state.

When I have watched Daybreak TV as I scoff my porridge with sultanas (3:30 minutes in the microwave as I pop to Costcutters to collect my Racing post) they have being pushing the ‘don’t use your mobile in the car’

This evening was a typical  ‘what you can do in Bampton’ evening.

We went to friends for dinner, curry, and we took dessert (Pavlova) and had a very pleasant evening.

On the way home, as I had decided I had to try ‘Phil’s Ale’ 

 so we went home via the Swan.


Phil’s ale was superb, very hoppy if you like that sort of beer.

We met a few friends in the bar so we had to be thrown out at 11:30 (11:20 if Police are watching the blog).

We spied the landlord and chef tweeting away in the corner.


He did ask me for my favourite beers so he can include in his future portfolio.

I suggested Everards Old original  

which I loved when I used to go to the Double Locks in Exeter on my way to Exeter Races.

They called it ‘Old Bastard’ for some reason.

I also suggested Thornbridge Jaipur 

as my beer drinking friends tell me it is superb,



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