Monday 11th February

An early customer was a wonderful sight for me.

It was the customer who owed lots of money for the two hour postage session we did on Friday.

After she had paid her debt and as she left the shop she said the house alarm across the road was sounding.

“Yes, it has been going off since Saturday” I replied.

We had called the letting agents as early as we could and by 9:30 someone arrived to switch off the noise. I don’t know how the next door neighbour put up with the noise for so long.

I had a few posters to put up today.

Tomorrow is Pancake Day and the church have organised ‘Mardi Gras’ for disguised pancake making.


I presume this is so that the biggest tossers in Bampton are not recognised.

The Swan is having a Red Nose Day charity event.


Hopefully the best bakers in town will turn up and demonstrate their expertise.

This Sunday we will be defending our Quiz winning title at the Swan although a few of the teams may have help from above.


It was bitter this morning and everyone was commenting how cold they were.

One chap came in and had to get out his hanky before speaking to me as he had an ‘incontinent nose’.

After a good blow I gave him his pension and he said “Dover is the place for the continent, whilst Eastbourne is the place for the incontinent”.


After yesterday’s excitement at the races and the local owners horse coming up trumps it was great to see that their horse made front page news in the Racing Post.


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