Tuesday 12th February

An early request from a visitor to Bampton was for a postcard with a castle on it.

Unfortunately it was not something we could satisfy due to the lack of castles in the town, although we do have a Castle Street.

I thought there was going to be some argy-bargy outside this morning.

The Stillmans lorry had blocked a chap in his car in and after a bit of tooting of the horn nothing happened.

The car driver went to see the lorry driver but again, after about 10 minutes, nothing happened.

Eventually the car driver decided he could actually get out with a bit of reversing and mounting the kerb so I thought that was that.

However the chap in the car then drove up to the front of the lorry, parked his car and went off to Costcutters.


I think he was hoping to upset the lorry driver but it didn’t work as the car subsequently drove off first.

It was good to see the meat arriving at Butchers in the Stillmans lorry rather than a horsebox!


About 10 days ago we had a visit from the local school children on their tour of the shops and businesses in Bampton.

Today when I opened up the post-box I found a large envelope containing some ‘thank you’ drawings from some of the children.



I love the spelling of ‘balloons’




There were also some copies of photographs that the teachers had taken but in this day and age I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to put the photos on the blog so better not upset anybody.

I put up a ‘FREE TY’ sign in the window.

It did confuse a few although I gather someone did pop in the shop while I was at lunch to support the cause.

Maybe if I had this sign more people might understand.


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