Wednesday 13th February

The pace for buying Valentine cards stepped up today because, as usual, people leave it to the last minute.

As we are closing next month we did not get too many cards as we do not want to left with them so our choice has been a bit limited.

When the customers ask “Are these the only ones you have?”

I reply “Yes, you are it a bit late and most of the cards have gone”.


One local chap came in to post a very small letter and he said that he did not believe in buying a Valentine card but wrote a poem and sent that to his lady friend instead.

He followed on to say that he still got a slap from her when they met!


Better news on the phone that was handed in on Monday.

Someone that had read the blog, when I asked for a charger, brought one in to the shop.

Once we got some juice into the battery my other half had a search around on the phone for clues.

A few names in the contact list we knew but when we tried to call them communication could not be made. I think the owner of the phone must have reported it missing and the network people must have put a stop on calls from the phone.

There was a picture on the phone of a child and when we asked a customer in the shop if she recognised it, she did,  so we gave her the phone to drop it back with the owner.

So let’s hope that is now sorted out.


A little something for you try ……………


Your shoes can tell you your age ~ this is mind boggling- the darn thing works-


Your shoes can tell you your age, try this and see:

  • 1. Take your shoe size. (Only whole sizes)
  • 2. Multiply it by 5.
  • 3. Add 50.
  • 4. Multiply by 20.
  • 5. Add 1012.
  • 6. Subtract the year you were born…

  • The first digit is your shoe size while the last 2 digits are your age..
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