Valentines Day

It was the first day of the salmon season on the River Exe today and I know this was proving tricky for the anglers out there who had to decide whether to spend the day on the river or a day with their valentine.

For me, things changed about three years ago.

For the first 16 years everything was fine then all of a sudden she changed.

It used to be Bacardi and Coke then she switched to Gin and Tonic.

I had to share my gin!

I’m not sure she has a problem with the gin but look at the Valentine card I got this morning.


The remaining valentine cards trickled out of the shop during the day, the last one being sold about half past four.

One lady was perusing the last few cards and we tried to encourage her to buy one with SEX GOD on it.

She declined the offer but did consider it so she could add the comment that God stood for

Get your



She then said that her other half had bought her a valentine present – he filled the car with petrol – and left the receipt on the seat so she could see how much he had spent.

When the school bus dropped the kids off I did spy this chap with his single rose.


Hope she’s worth it.

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