Friday 15th February

Our first ‘customer’, early doors, did not buy anything.

She picked up a free copy of the Bampton Guide and Town Trail as she wanted something to entertain the grandchildren who were due to arrive later in the day.


Yes it is that time again when grandparents look hassled and can’t wait until next weekend when the grandkids have gone home.

This afternoon, a chap came in with a plastic tub with water in it.

I enquired as to why and was told that it was sample of river water that was going to be shown to the local school children to explain what can be found.


He explained some of the creatures swimming about, the majority I never have heard of.

At least it means our river is pretty clean.

The long thing is a caddis fly which has made a protective case of gravel etc.

There are also Mayfly nymphs in the water as well as other critters.

The poor mayfly lives in the water for about a year but when it emerges into the air it lasts only a few days at best.

They didn’t show me this sort of stuff when I went to school.


The last customer of the day came in with some National Savings Stamps to cash in but as they were about 60 years old and denominations such as sixpence, two shillings, two shillings and sixpence I couldn’t pay her out.




The best I did was to Google NSI and find out that she can send them in and they will pay-out on the face value…about a pound.

Maybe I will get her to send them Special Delivery to keep them safe (cost £5.90).


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