Monday 18th February

Last night the Swan was extremely busy for a Quiz, raising money for the Church Fund Appeal.

Reverend Lynne was there with her flock and if I remember correctly (I did have several pints of Phil’s Ale) her team won, after a tie breaker question.

I do think questions like ‘which book title has the initials N E B?’ and ‘which is the first book in the New Testament?’ might have helped!

A good night was had by all and just over £400 was raised.

The target for the church appeal is only £90,000.

Panto fever is gaining momentum, the stage is up, the chairs are set out and the scenery and props are being painted and assembled.

This advertising board appeared outside the shop during the morning to chivvy people along to buy their tickets.


Bampton people are notorious for leaving things to the last minute on most events, presumable just in case a better offer comes along.

Spring is in the air.

It was a nice and sunny, but chilly, day and I got an email about setting up a committee for this years ‘Bampton in Bloom’.


Bampton has been famous for over 40 years for its floral displays – Bampton in Bloom. The town has won the national Britain in Bloom competition no less than six times, the last being in the millennium year. Bampton has won five RHS GOLD MEDALS from South West in Bloom in recent years. The town still looks very beautiful throughout the year although we no longer enter the competition.

The Bampton Business group have kept the tradition going over the last couple of years so that the flowers continue to encourage customers to the town.

At the end of October we led the way for the winter with a couple of baskets of pansies outside of the Post office and we are still waiting for others to follow!


One thing I spotted today is that when we close in a month’s time they will need to reprint the bus timetable.


It will confuse some people when they speak of catching the bus at the post office when we are no longer here and it has been relocated at the Spar.


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