Tuesday 19th February

Once the mist had gone it was a beautiful sunny day, in fact, it was the first day in the year that we left the door open for an hour or so this afternoon.


The temperature on the windowsill outside of the bedroom upstairs measured 17C, it was in the direct sunlight though.


A couple of cyclists had to chill out on the pavement between us and the butchers.


They must have had a bit of a sweat on as they perched on the side of a flower bed.

I had to put up a poster to confirm the relocation of the Post Office to Spar.


After the consultation period ended at the start of February the relocation has now been confirmed.

The poster says the relocation will happen on the 22nd March.

It does fail to mention that we close on the 19th and then there will be two days without a PO in Bampton.

A couple of posters were put up today.


Murder mysteries are normally a good way to spend an evening.

I would think the victim would not be a female found face down in the swimming pool!

As it is being performed two nights in a row do you think that those going on the 30th would have some inside information from the night before?

The second poster advertised ‘An evening with Mary Bromiley’.


I recognised the name has she has been mentioned in the Racing Post when some famous horses needed physio to help them get back on to the racecourse.


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