Wednesday 20th February

I have just heard the shock news that the Brewhouse in Taunton is to close immediately.

We have spent many happy hours at the theatre over the years and have tickets booked for Al Murray in June!


I think we did an older farmer chap a favour today that will get him some brownie points.

He came in asking for a birthday card for his wife, after over 40 years of wedded bliss.

My other half pointed him at the wife cards and he picked one out and asked “how much?”

“£3.10 please” was the reply.

He coughed and spluttered a bit then was fine with it.

At this point I thought I would interject.

“How about a nice box of chocolates to go with that?”

He took my advice and picked out a nice box of chocs, “How Much?”

“£9.75 please”.

After a sharp intake of breath he was fine.

I hope it does get him into the good books.


My sign in the window has baffled lots of people in the last week.


Ever since Tyrone was unfairly banged up in last week’s Coronation Street people have pointed at it from outside and gestured their ignorance at what it meant while others have opened the door and asked the question.

I had even more comments today as I had a discussion through the window with Rupert on how long he will detained in prison before the real story comes out.

A few minutes later another person popped in.


“What does FREE TY mean?”.

As soon as I said Tyrone the penny dropped.


A courier came in with a parcel for me.

I had been waiting for several days for this ebay purchase from abroad.

It was six of these.


I have not checked they are all intact yet but they were very well wrapped.

The glass is designed to hold 15cl of Affligem beer

When I went to France last May with the twinning I managed to purchase this


Five litres of it……is that really 333 glasses of this beer I have to drink?


To finish off today I would like to promote a special blog for you to look at over the next few days.

Son in law San, along with some of his work chums have taken a week’s holiday to go to Uganda to spread their expert surgical, anaesthetic and nursing skills with local doctors and nurses

It is very interesting to see what they are now doing each day on the blog

… and we complain about the NHS!!


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