Thursday 21st February

My first conversation with a customer this morning was through the shop window with someone on horseback.

I saw her trotting down the road and when she saw me in the window she put the brakes on the horse to ask if the sweets that she had ordered had arrived.

I gave her the thumbs up and she said she would be back later in the day to collect.

Then off she trotted off again.


One of our friends came in and while we chatting he said he was going on a walk where he had been asked to take some photographs so they can be put on the internet.

It is for a new website that has a database of walks in the UK

‘Phototrails is here to help everyone discover and enjoy access to the countryside, tailored to their own needs and preferences. This website aims to help all lovers of the countryside to find locations where they can enjoy the enormous benefits of recreation in the great outdoors.’


As per usual, I had a couple of unusual requests from customers today.

One came in to find out what the going rate for a house cleaner is.

He had got someone in to clean his house and had no idea how much he should be paying her.

“About a tenner an hour, I think”.


Later in the day a customer came in with this.


A bag full of shopping.

She was about to take her dog for a long walk and had stupidly gone shopping first.

Her immediate thought was that we would be a suitable place to look after her bagful of goodies rather than carry it uphill and down dale for half an hour.

“No problem” I said.

She returned later to collect her bag.


A chap came in and the first thing he did AFTER he got inside the shop was to remove his wellies as they were a bit dirty.

My comment after removing his footwear was “you can get socks that look the same”.

He looked down at his odd socks and said “I have another pair like this at home”.


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