Friday 22 February

It was the first night of the Pantomime and everyone that went was praising the performance today.

Both the adults and the children did brilliantly.


Robbie, who has learning difficulties, is a guard in the Panto and he is really chuffed to be in it and he gets really stuck into the role with his marching on.

Our customers were even praising the performance of the audience for their vocal participation.

I am going tomorrow night so I will see for myself.


I was elsewhere last night, swotting for the Cheltenham Festival in a couple of weeks.

Top trainers (Nicholls, Pipe & Hobbs) and pundits were passing on their thoughts to a couple of hundred people at Exeter Racecourse.


I’m not sure I gleaned too much but it was a pleasant evening out.

 If you are interested the panel gave charity bets which were as follow

Paul (paddy Power chap)           Salsify (Foxhunter)

Nicholls                                       Dodging Bullets ew (Supreme Novices)

Hobbs                                         Overturn (Arkle)

Andrew king                                Colour Sqaudron  (Centenary nov hcap chase)

Pipe                                            Cue Card

Nick Schofield                             Cantlow (JLT)

Tanya Stevenson                         Our Mick (JLT)


Having passed on the webcam link to Times Square the other day I do think a webcam that is of more entertainment value is a camera focused on the zebra crossing in Abbey Road, London. 

You can spend hours watching Beatles fans dicing with death trying to get the photograph as they walk the crossing trying to emulate the fab 4.

Some people hover at the side of the crossing waiting for a gap in the traffic but this confuses the hell out of the drivers as they stop but no one wants to cross.


Others just get on with it and pose on the crossing while one of the mates takes their life in their hands and takes the snap whilst stood in the middle of the road.

Its good sport watching.


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