Saturday 23rd February

We had an unfortunate accident in the shop early this morning.

Henry was moving around the shop when he tripped over a cable and the next minute he was upside down on the floor.

Fortunately he was unhurt and after all the fuss had died down he said that he didn’t want to pursue a claim against us for having a cable lying around as a health and safety issue.


We looked at the CCTV footage and we agreed Henry should have been looking where he was going.


A customer came in having a bit of a rant about the latest issue in the countryside.

She was moaning to my other half so I was only catching half of the conversation.

She said “I’m fed up with all this stuff they are spreading on the fields as it is an eyesore”.

I wondered what she was on about.

She continued “Fields are covered in “then she stumbled for the word and said” you know, begins with s”

” is that the word you are looking for Sh*t?”

“No, don’t be stupid” she replied “I mean Solar panels” .


A great night was had by all at the Pantomime, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.

Over 60 people were involved in putting together the production for the community and they were rewarded with 4 packed houses over the 3 days.

The audience had also been rehearsing and so there was plenty of ‘Booing & Hissing”, ‘He’s behind you” and singing along.

Everyone seemed to remember most of their lines although one stumble did cause a giggle when Snow White was suddenly called ‘Cinderella’.


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