Wednesday 27th February

It is very surprising that some of our customers are still not aware we are closing in less than three weeks.

We have had a very large poster on the front door and another large poster on the front of the counter since early December but they still are not aware.

A couple of customers today looked at the shrinking number of sweet jars on the shelves and wonder why our stocks look depleted.

“We are closing on the 19th March and have stopped ordering replenishment stock” we tell them.

“Are you really closing?” they say.


The double parking in Bampton is a sight to behold and something, albeit illegal, that must be preserved for the good of the town.

It is really funny when the cars on the inside drive off and leave the double parked cars all alone in the middle of the road.


The locals do not bother and the next set of parkers just slide up on the inside.


I found a couple of old photos of what the Post office looked like when we took over nearly 10 years ago.


We still use the yellow box to collect use stamps for the ‘Dogs for the Blind’ charity.

The counter was behind a security screen but there was no door on the side!


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3 Responses to Wednesday 27th February

  1. Steve Runyard says:

    What happened to the wooden wall clock?

  2. Sold to an antique dealer i expect,Look like its stopped if you compare the two, Health & safety precludes the staff to stand on a chair and wind it. Have a good retirement Mr Postmater you will be missed if not only by me reading your comments each day, Best Wishes.

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