St Davids Day & Saturday 2nd March

There are lots of customers who arrive with a dog in their car.










Several of these customers alarm the car and wonder why the alarm goes off when the dog moves!

Seeing these dogs reminds me about the day there was a commotion outside in the street after we had closed.

I went outside and there was a chap running up and down the street waving down cars and looking inside.

He was shouting that someone had stolen his dog out of his car while he was in the Fish and Chip shop.

He was asking everyone if they had seen anyone near to his car.

After about half an hour he was worn out and he gave up and went home.

The chap came into the shop the following week so I enquired whether his dog had turned up.

Rather sheepishly he replied “Whenever I go out in the car the dog hops in the back seat but when I got home the dog was sat in front of the fire so I must have gone to the chippy without him!”


One of the searches that found my blog on Thursday was ‘how much is a beer at Cheltenham festival’ – I’m not sure my blog provided the answer to the question.


Last night I went to a ‘Spanish Wine Appreciation Class’ at the Toucan.

Local chap Peter Broadbent ran the event in the room above the restaurant.


Ten of us spent 90 minutes being taught the secrets of the wine production in Spain.


A customer came in and posted a letter to ‘Dorset Police Central Ticket Office’.

I said “Are you going to the Policeman’s Ball?”

“No” came the reply “I have to pay a speeding ticket!”


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