Monday 4th March

Yesterday I made a start on getting ready for our closure by taking down the Moneygram Sign.

These things are never as easy as you might think.

Only 6 nutted screws about 3 inches long to undo.

I managed to loosen about 4 before I had to call for help.



One chap wandering by did offer me advice on how to shift the immovable bolts without offering to try to do it himself.

The sign has only been up a couple of years when I took advantage of the FREE offer for the sign.

The guys put up the illuminated sign and wired it all up and put the cable through the window frame and ran the cable above the ceiling tiles to a plug near to the door.

I put the sign on a timer so it came on after dark until dawn.

After a couple of weeks I got a knock on the front door of the house while I was at lunch.

It was a chap from the council saying that illuminated signs were not allowed in Bampton and could I switch it off.

Maybe he was expecting a hard time from the response but I said” No problem as it will save me some electricity”.


I was chatting to some ex farmer who had moved into Bampton via a small holding and he was saying that he had sold his small holding to a couple from Gloucester who was very keen on buying and everything seemed fine.

A few days later the couple dropped out and when he asked why was told the couple were not allowed to buy it as the National Park would only allow the property to be sold to someone within 26 miles.

The ex-farmer was not aware of this and when he had bought the property had moved from 60 miles away!

It’s hard enough trying to find a buyer these days without these extra complications.


A couple of old friends were chatting in the shop and talking about the old days.

The story moved onto how the post office was the centre of the community.

The chap related the story of how he had a saddlery shop in Bampton over 25 years ago and on pension day a group of old boys would collect their pensions and descend on his shop.

They were not there to buy anything in the shop but they just went in and helped themselves to cups of tea and coffee and sat around chatting for a couple of hours.


Late in the day a young chap came in for a passport form as he was going to Zante on holiday with his mates.

He had to build up courage to tell his mum about the ‘boys’ holiday and even he was worried about what might happen once the drink started flowing.

I advised him that travel insurance was a necessity.

Having been brave enough to tell his mum about his holiday he also had to be even more courageous today as he told her he was having a tattoo this afternoon.

He did show me the tattoo, a set of words on the inside of his arm.

He said “It’s only bleeding a bit now”.

Why do people suffer unnecessary pain?



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