Tuesday 5th March

Why should you struggle up the stairs with a bed when you can run up a ladder and pop it in through the window?




I received this photograph this morning.




If you check these are the backs of bar stools!




My ‘FREE TY’ sign is still generating lots of comments.


Three Tuesday lady regulars came in and asked what it meant.


I said “It’s not fair that he is in prison for something he didn’t do. Do you watch corrie? Tyrone?”


“Of course” they said and then continued about how they didn’t like Kirsty (Ty’s wife) but hated Cameron in Emmerdale even more.


At which point another customer chipped in with “I didn’t know that David Cameron has been in Emmerdale”.


That confused us all and we explained it wasn’t DC that was been spoken about.


She then said “Boris Johnson has been in Eastenders so it didn’t surprise me at all if David Cameron had been in Emmerdale”


It is so easy to get the wrong end of the stick.




It was a nice sunny day which was great as I went to Exeter races this afternoon.


I bumped into a couple who are our customers but I had not seen at the races before.


I also spotted another customer who happened to be the chairman of the stewards for the day.




The stewards seemed surprised that a horse won the second race. I wasn’t as I put some money on it!




It was reassuring that the burger van knew where the beef in the steak burgers came from.




It was the Devon Grand National today, run over 3 and ¾ miles.


Over the last fence there were still several horses with a chance – except for mine which lost its jockey earlier.








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