Friday 8th March

I have been expecting a package all week with a prize that I have won and I have been telling Pete the Postie that he would be bringing it to me.

This morning, he came in with a parcel and I started to open it but it wasn’t the shape or feel that I thought it would be.

When I eventually got inside I found this.


An award (and a pen!) from the Post office for 10 year’s service which is interesting in the fact that I started on the 19th March 2003 and the PO closes on the 19th March 2013 (although my service with the PO ends officially on the 21st as I have to meet with auditors and be available to allow engineers in to dismantle the equipment).

So I only just managed the 10 years!


I had another elderly customer in this afternoon with a Post Office Savings Bank Book.


On checking the transactions, deposits and withdrawals, the balance was the princely sum of 11 shillings (55p in new money) and as the price of a first class stamp is 60p we decided it wasn’t worth the effort of trying to close the account. You have to have a minimum of £1 in the account to qualify for interest payments.


Lofty came in and asked to put up a poster.


It must be sausage season again soon.


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