Monday 11th March

A tip for everyone who cannot remember what is on the specials board, especially if you are the one that gets sent back to check.


Take a photograph of it on your phone then you can pass it around the table.


I saw this van across the road this morning and my initial thought on seeing it was a domestic appliance repair company was ‘I wonder if it touches up oven chips?’


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that an actor who lives locally had died a horrible death in Silent Witness and that he ended up on the slab in the mortuary.

To my relief he came in to the shop today looking distinctly better in health.

He did say that having to act dead on the slab was hard work as the slab itself is solid metal and as he is bony it was extremely uncomfortable.

As they have to shoot from several angles he had to lay on the slab for a long time and when they shouted ‘Action’ he had to do the opposite!


In order to practise for Cheltenham tomorrow I had to go to Taunton Races this afternoon and the weather was Baltic.

Late in the day this lady was a bit worse for wear and appeared to be taken home by what looked like her daughter.


It was extra sport for the crowd as they watched to see if she got down the steps in one piece, which she did, before she wobbled off.

Was she going home? No, she went to put a bet on with the bookmaker before she returned to give us all more entertainment as we held our breath as she clambered back up the steps of the stand before she went back into the bar.


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