Tuesday 12th March

Last night at this time I was in a bit of a panic.

I couldn’t find my tickets for Cheltenham Races.

I had looked in all of my normal filing places, down the back of cupboards and inside books on the shelf but to no avail.

The first day wasn’t fully booked so I knew I would be able to go but it might cost me £90 for two more tickets.

About midnight I emailed the racecourse explaining my predicament and I thought that maybe I had inadvertently thrown the tickets away believing they were used ones from November.

I went off to bed thinking that I should not have a sleepless night thinking of where the tickets might be as I already had checked.

As I had to be in Taunton for 9am and had to get the shop ready before I left I did get up half an hour earlier than normal.

At seven o’clock I got an email back from the racecourse saying they had cancelled my ‘lost tickets’ and I could collect duplicates from the ticket office on arrival.

Result – £90 up already!

Just like yesterday it was Baltic again.

The race times were put back 35 minutes to ensure that the frost would be out of the ground.

We arrived at 10:30, picked up the tickets and then had over 3 hours to pass before the first race.

First stop were the shops in  the tented village but this did not take too long as I did not need any country wear at big prices thank you so the second stop was here.


The Guinness village is the place for a pint of the black stuff.

I wore my glove to ensure my extra cold Guinness did not numb my fingers.


One pint was enough as liquid and cold is not good if you are planning to stand in a prime position to race watch for several hours.

On the way to find our viewing position we stopped off at the bookstall and these two legends were there signing their books.


Lester Piggott and Sir Peter O’Sullevan.

We took our place in the stand to watch the first four races as we thought our normal position on the rails would be extra cold.

The Irish cheered loudly as two of their homeland horses won a couple of the races, including the big race, the Champion hurdle.

It was then time to give back the Guinness we borrowed earlier so after a trip to the big boy’s room we decided to watch the next race from the winner’s enclosure as a horse called Quevega was attempting to win the race for five consecutive years – and she did.

She returned to the winner’s enclosure in front of us to a great reception http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrNHmYm2Shg

We were stood in prime for position for a photograph of the historic winner with her jockey and trainer.


It was then back towards the main gate for a quick exit after watching the last race.

On the way we passed this poor chap who was even more worse for wear than the woman I saw at Taunton yesterday.


His two friends were holding him up as the headed for the exit.

After a great day we headed off to the car park for a quick getaway and after being dropped off in Taunton to collect my car I got to Tiverton just in time for the kick off for the Tiverton match which started at 7:30.

So the evening was spent standing out in the cold just like most of the day.

Tiverton managed to lose again and have not won since mid-November, 18 games a go , so it was no surprise when I found a tweet saying that the manager and his assistant had resigned.


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