Thursday 14th March

It is surprising what some people think is important.

The weather is a constant source of conversation with customers and one chap was extremely happy that it was still cold as he would get another ‘cold weather’ payment from the government.

He probably doesn’t even use extra fuel during the cold snap so he can make more money.


It is quite gratifying that many of our customers are saying they are going to miss us running the post office but they understand why we are doing it and wish us well for the future.

One said ‘you can have a lie in and not get up till 10 o’clock’ – can’t wait!


We have 5 charity collection boxes in the shop so we are contacting them so they can come and collect the donations before we close.

Two have already been collected, including the Air Ambulance which is the most favoured one of our customers.


Two more will be collected by next Tuesday which leaves only the ‘Hawk and Owl trust’  that has been a charitable partner with Cotleigh brewery for over 25 years.

I think we may have to drop the collecting box at the brewery!


A couple of posters went up today.

One was for a new venture for Bampton that is providing a lunch for the community. Unfortunately we will be away at the time of the first lunch.


The Peregrine café put on some music.


The gig was tonight so maybe the advertising was a bit late in the day.


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