Monday 18th March

How would you like to spend Sunday morning?

After a late night with the Twinning skittles and taking in the hospitality of a neighbour on the way home it was gone 2am when we staggered home.

After a little lie in, until 9, it was back down to the Riverside Hall to tidy up and bring back all of the cooking utensils etc

After that I spent several hours boxing up Post Office paperwork.

We have to save all of the day to day paperwork for at least 2 years so first I had to clamber up the ladders to get down the boxes of weekly filed paper , sort it into sequence then box up and label them as well as fill out forms in duplicate.

This is what I ended up with….



8 boxes that I had to send back by parcelforce today.


Today, our penultimate day was busy.

We have had many cards from our customers which we appreciate very much.


I got a tweet from Humphrey indicating that after last week’s article about Post offices in Bampton there is now an article about the history of Bampton Pubs…

You can’t believe how many pubs there were – but it was the days before Tesco started giving alcohol away to entice customers into their supermarkets.


A customer came in and was talking about retirement – how did we get round to that?  – and spoke about his father and how he used to have a panic alarm around his neck.

The plan fell apart the day he fell over and knocked himself out!

When he came round he was okay again.


A LADY was in the shop, looking around for bargains in our closing down sale and spotted the Easter chicks, I said “They are going cheep today!”


I thought I would help those passers by trying to understand my FREE TY sign by adding a picture to go with the words.



The council tax bills dropped though the letter box this morning and within the hour someone was in to pay their first monthly installament.

Some people are just too keen to pay bills.


I think we were responsible for child abuse today.

One of our regular families came in today.

Mum normally will post some parcels and on a Monday the kids are allowed sweets.

The only sweets we have left were some white chocolate jazzles and some chuppa chups lollies.

When the young chap realised he could not buy his normal set of sweets he started to cry.


Another of our customers did not come in today as she was otherwise engaged.


She was busy delivering the first of many of her baby goats.

She did have time to think about us though and send a tweet.


 Lots of people are asking what is going to happen to the blog when the Post Office closes.

The answer is that I’ve not decided what to do.

I enjoy doing it although it does take time to do it on a daily basis,.

I always thought that the sign outside Fawlty Towers changed every time with a new anagram so I thought I would to try an anagram of BamptonPO to give the blog a new name but I could not find anything suitable.

On checking this evening my belief regarding FT signs was blown out of the water….

During the first series, the sign loses letters each episode; episode five brings the first anagram, “Warty Towels”. In the second series, the first episode sign correctly spells ‘Fawlty Tower’, but changes in each subsequent episode, from the correct spelling to various anagrams. ‘Flowery Twats’ is the only complete anagram, using all the letters.

The sign changes as follows:

  • Episode 1: “Fawlty Towers” (the letter “S” is askew)
  • Episode 2: “Fawlty Tower” (the letter “L” is askew)
  • Episode 3: “Fawty Tower” (the letter “W” is askew)
  • Episode 4: “Fawty Toer”
  • Episode 5: “Warty Towels”
  • Episode 7: “Fawlty Tower” (the letter “L” is askew)
  • Episode 8: “Watery Fowls”
  • Episode 9: “Flay Otters”
  • Episode 10: “Fatty Owls”
  • Episode 11: “Flowery Twats”
  • Episode 12: “Farty Towels”


Tomorrow could be a very interesting day as my other half has been telling customers that we are giving customers wine (FREE!) starting at 8:30.

We have been trying the cheapest wine we can find in Costcutters and it’s a bit rough so we will have to get the more expensive stuff.

Hope I can still type by 5:30pm


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  1. Best wishes in your retirement, I have enjoyed your daily blog.

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