Tuesday 19th March


I don’t know where to start today.


It was the last day that our Post Office was open to the public.


Our first day in the Bampton Post Office was the 19th March 2003 and our last day was 19th March 2013 – how crazy is that?


One of our first customers said that we got mentioned at the Monday prayer meeting with regard to what we have done in the PO for the ten years and they also prayed for us in the future.


We had many people customers, old and new, in during the day to wish us well and we would like to thank everyone for their kind words, cards and gifts.


We were given over 30 cards




Several bunches of flowers




And several bottles of wine.


We had a visit from a Post office historian, who wanted to capture information and souvenirs from out last day,


He spent a couple of hours buying stamps and getting receipts in triplicate and used our date stamp to frank stamps and paperwork.


He also borrowed our zip-zap machine to get impressions with the BamptonPO merchant number.


He also took examples of our branch coded paperwork and ended with us signing his packs of papers.


He also took plenty of photos both inside and outside of the shop.


In fact we had our photographs taken many times today, some which you will find out there on the world wide interwebby thing.


We were on the receiving end of several tweets during the day




And after we had closed.





Along with a mention on a local blog.




Last Friday I used my horse racing expertise to correctly name the first three horses in the Cheltenham Gold Cup and I have been waiting to see how much of the £5000 pot I had won.




Well I wasn’t the only one with correct answer!




We offered all of our customers a glass of wine to celebrate our last day, even at 8:30, but the first one to accept the offer was just before 10 o’clock.


We had customers steadily drinking from then until we closed at five thirty.


I did resist until a quarter past five as I had to undertake a balance in preparation for the audit first thing in the morning.


I was supposed to take down my PO sign but I didn’t have time before I was picked up to go to a footy match so that will be a job in the morning subject to finding the correct size spanner.







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One Response to Tuesday 19th March

  1. Steve Runyard - soon to be off to Turkey for some sunshine. says:

    End of an ‘earole’…congratulations to you both for a job well done. Hope you enjoy your retirement

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