Wednesday 20th March

I was up at the usual time, courtesy of the alarm clock, and the auditor was waiting outside on the steps as planned at 08:30.

The good news is that she found 6 more £1 stamps than I thought I had so £6 up for the day. 

Mind you, our first ‘non-working’ day didn’t finish until after 2pm as I had to pack up all of the post office forms, brochures etc. to be taken up to Spar.

It took me over two hours to dump them into boxes so no doubt someone will be twice as busy tomorrow unpacking the boxes and working out how to file them away.

I did find a few things that I didn’t know I had. 

Despite the amount of publicity regarding our closure the door was rattled many times today and when we left the door unlocked for a couple of minutes as someone went to their car a customer came waltzing in to post a couple of letters. 

A couple of the ‘rattlers’ were regulars who were bringing us cards to wish us well so I did open the door to them. 

We also had to let the postman in as we still have not got a letterbox in our front door – something we had better sort out sooner than later I guess. 

At ten past two we thought it was time for lunch so, because we could, we went across the road to the Toucan for lunch and a bottle of red.

We were home by 4 o’clock!

I made the fire, made a drink (non-alcoholic) and we put our feet up and made inroads on our SKY+ recordings. 

My plan to take down the Post Office sign was scuppered by heavy rain so I need to do that tomorrow.

I already have had an offer of £30 for the PO sign. 

We still have one piece of dry cleaning that was not collected so I have to track down the owner of the trousers (shooting variety) so they can pay us.


My other half received some orders on her website today so she will have to go to the Post office tomorrow to post a couple of parcels.

Oh dear, she will have to go to Dulverton.



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