Thursday 21st March

It was quite a day today.

I had to be up early as Romec chaps were arriving to dismantle the PO computers and then take them up to Spar to install.

They arrived well before 8:30 so they cracked on with the job.

They only removed the hardware and left us with the dust.


If you look closely you can a £1 coin amongst the piles of dust.

We had more visitors from the PO – first the auditor, who left her note counter behind yesterday.  During the day by a couple of project people who sorted out the move up the road also dropped in to see us.

Pete the postie turned up with the package that I had been waiting for over 2 weeks.

I quickly opened the parcel to show him what I won in a free competition on a blog.


You all need one of these.

Next some chaps from Insafe turned up to remove our coin safe and take to Spar along with a new safe for them.

They had a great big lorry so I suggested they walked up the road first for a recce before they tried to park outside Spar.

Just as I was in the butchers next door buying my lunch the  man with a crash helmet that drives a big red van turned up to transport the cash and stamps to Spar. So I left my order in the butchers and went to sort out the money.

I eventually got back to the butchers to buy my topping for my Jacket Spud which was sat waiting for me in the microwave.

Before I could bring topping and potato together one of the PO peeps arrived to further delay my dining experience. 

During this time we had been emptying the shelves in the shop and back office of the PO and packing into boxes or black bags.

The next arrival was a chap from Avery to dismantle the scales to move to Spar.

It was the same chap that installed them over 9 years ago when we refurbished the shop.

He had trouble untangling all of the cables and in threading them through a hole in the counter top. He couldn’t believe how he got all the cables though such a small hole in the first place.

About this time I got a call from a friend of mine with some really terrible news.

He asked if I had seen the news about the train and car crash on the level crossing in Taunton.

I hadn’t as I had been busy than normal and had not checked the BBC news on my phone.

He told me that a chap who worked for him and I have known for over 20 years was the person that had been killed.

The name has not been released yet so I will not mention it here.

All I will say is that we were hoping to go to his retirement party next Thursday – tragic.

 The next phone call was from the ‘crash helmeted’ visitor from earlier to see if he had left his hand held printer and yes he had so we need to sort that out,

After a hard day the shelves are looking distinctly empty!



I eventually got out the ladders and spanner in the pouring rain to take down the PO sign.


The rusty bolts fixing it were over two inches long so it took me ages with my little spanner.


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One Response to Thursday 21st March

  1. Bill says:

    Bruce, I think I remeber dropping that one pound coin when we last visited you. Was in dated 2006? If so please put to one side until the next time we meet up!!

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