Friday 22nd March

Oh what a night

We had been invited for a drink to celebrate the last day of our contract with the post office.

We wandered along the street to meet our friends who very kindly opened a bottle of champagne to share with us.

This was only a ruse as while we were indoors, with the curtains closed, the Toucan was filling up with friends, customers, colleagues so that when told it was time to take the car for something to eat we were in fact directed across the road to the Toucan for an extremely pleasant surprise party.

The Toucan was filled to capacity and gather there was even a waiting list to join our celebration.

As usual, the hosts put on a great meal and of course they only needed to take our two orders as everyone else had placed their selections days before.

I must say that everyone did well to keep the secret surprise as we did not know what was going on.

We had a few speeches and we were given a pile of presents


A box of champagne 

 a box of wine and a 12 pack of Exmoor Gold (off the shelf) as well as vouchers to dine at the Swan and the Toucan.

That should keep us going until…….April.

A big thank you to those who contributed as not everyone could be fitted in last night.

Leaving the Bistro took a while as we thanked everyone for the surprise and eventually we tottered off for a nightcap at friends around the corner.

I can’t remember what time we got home but we didn’t have to put the alarm on to wake us this morning (hooray).

I did sleep in about an hour longer than normal but got up in time to put this sign in the window.


Hopefully they will get the message that they need to go to Spar to undertake their Post Officey bits.

I then took to the computer as I had to rename my twitter handle to @ExBamptonPO which appeared to be quite simple to do.

The next challenge was to revise the blog name but this was more complicated as I wanted to retain the previous blogs whilst renaming it and being able to link to the new twitter name.

It appears fine but if any problems let me know.

I believe the website address where you find the blog remained the same which is good for those using ‘favourites’ to find the blog.

I revised the blog banner/photo to be part of a very old picture on a postcard of Bampton.


It shows Brook St with the Post office on the right hand side.

The windows in the roof are no longer there as the previous owners had them removed.

Further up the street, the next two houses are now the Butchers and the Fruit & Veg shop.

The doorbell rang just before ten o’clock and my other half went to answer it.

It was one of our elderly customers (used to be anyway) who came to ask me what his pin number was!

Pete the Postie was the next to ring the bell – we must get a letterbox – so we had a chat and gave him coffee and biscuits.

I then spent some time in the shop in order to do some more tidying up.

Today I emptied some PO cupboards and drawers – I don’t know why we saved so much stuff.

I spotted the Parcelforce Van outside and I got to the door before he rang the bell as I was expecting some parcels from Naked Wine.

While I was on the front step waiting for my boxes another of our customers, a lady with poor eyesight, was going past the house.

I asked her if she could remember her pin number as due to her poor eyesight I would normally enter the pin for her.

We have been practising the pin number for the last week and I thought she had cracked it.

“What’s your number” I asked.

“1234” she replied.

“Wrong” I said “the correct numbers but in the wrong sequence” so I had to do some more coaching.

*** Her pin is not really that number, of course ***

A bit more sorting out in the shop before lunch then I was ready for putting my feet up and watching the racing.

Then the grandson arrived……why do ALL of toys have to come out of the box?

The chap taking on the TV between races was trying to explain when the decision is normally taken to geld a horse.

‘90% of the time for flat racing horses they do it in the winter as it is a bit of an interruption to the flow of things.’

I thought that was supposed to stop the flow!

Popping up to the Swan  shortly to claim our ‘free drinks’ which Paul kindly offered to celebrate our ‘retirement from the Post office’.


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One Response to Friday 22nd March

  1. Steve Runyard - soon to be off to Turkey for some sunshine. says:

    Sounds like a wonderful night – good to know you were appreciatd and will be missed. Great blog – lots of interesting anecdotes – please keep it going.
    Happy birthday for tomorrow…looking forward to seeing you both next week.

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