My Birthday

Friday night, after work – oops forgot no work – we popped up to the Swan to claim our free drink that Paul had kindly provided for us.


We didn’t go mad, just a pint (Devon Storm, a very nice tipple) and a G&T.

We snuggled down on the sofa in front of the fire and a couple of friends joined us.


I must remember to take my antihistamines next time.

Early this morning I got a tweet.


Is there no escape anywhere these days?

I was spied on Sky TV showing the Headingley test match from 2001!

As I was not working I had chance to walk out into the garden during the morning and I had a nature moment.


Look it’s a froggy/toady thing – a bit of a funny colour.

Half way through the morning my other half made an entrance and handed over my birthday presents, one of which was one of these.


Looks good I thought, something to savour. 

Within 5 minutes I received a message from a friend of mine.

‘If you ever see St. Austell’s Smugglers buy them for me:-) stunningly good’

Isn’t that spooky?

The next task was to decide where to have the prematch pint as my team was playing at Torquay in the afternoon.

I checked my CAMRA beer guide app on my phone and the nearest pub was a mile and a half away in town so I discounted that one.

I looked up on the internet and found this.


The George I thought so I googled that and the comment I found put me off that one.

Looking for a decent pint of real ale in Babbacombe, we found ourselves in the George Inn and wish we hadn’t. Should have guessed from the red and white painted exterior and the promise of sky sports that we were in the wrong pub. All that was on offer was Otter and they had put it through the chiller, wrecking a perfectly good beer. Having forced half of it down, we gave in and left, noticing the stage with the silver floor to ceiling pole in the corner….interesting?

I didn’t think a poor pint and pole dancing was good preparation for a vital football match.

I looked up the Buccaneer Inn and that sounded better so that was the first target.

My daughter and her chap, for my birthday present, drove me to the football and paid for my entry. Unluckily for them, concession prices started at 65.

A quick run down to Babbacombe and we went into the pub.

Pub had decent beer and after a pint we took in the ‘Great views along the coast’


Pity about the mist.

On to the football ground and another tipple in the Boots and Laces bar – this was fine and they had no quibbles about letting in away supporters.

On to the game, we lost, nuff said


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