Saturday 30th March

Another Saturday, another adventure to follow my football team.

Bristol was the place to be so having checked out the CAMRA Good Beer Guide App on my phone there were two pubs close to the ground that were promising.

The plan was to get to the pub in time to watch a game on Sky before the real match of the day.

The nearest pub to the ground was the obvious starting place.

The Wellington.


The write up seemed okay apart from the ‘only home supporters’ comment so with my scarf tucked away in my pocket we ventured in an ordered a pint of Bath Gem – a very nice pint.

Looking around there were other ‘away supporters’ already drinking, proudly showing off their colours, so the comment regarding supporters only happens sometimes.

Looking further around there was no TV showing football.

On checking the menu and I thought £10.95 for a pre match burger was not what we were looking for so on emptying the glass it was down the road to the Annexe.


This was more like it.

Nice big screens showing the footy and a burger for £2.95 and it was a very good one, especially the chilli beef burger I demolished with a few chips.

The beer options were also very good and I chose a pint of St Austell’s Tribute.

Having paid for the drink I noticed this.


Damn, I didn’t have my CAMRA life membership card with me to save me 30p – now I’m not working I need to take advantage of as many money saving options as possible.

I turned around and saw this sign.


I qualified on age but not in the bus pass ownership as I can’t have mine till next year as the rules changed!

Hope we do not get relegated as maybe I can get 60p off the pint next season.

We didn’t lose this week.


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