A trip to see mum

This lengthy blog is dedicated to Rupert as he was getting withdrawal symptoms and was in the chemist this morning searching out a remedy.


At long last it was time to go and spend some time with my mum and we ventured north on Sunday.  

My mum is in the throes of moving to live with my sister in the USA and she had been having a sort out.

She had already cleared out (and burnt!) many old photographs but did save some for me to go through.

I will not bore you with everything I found in the old shoebox, however several items are worth sharing.

Top of the list is this family photograph of us on holiday at Great Yarmouth in 1963. Image

What do you find strange about it?

Yes, I am wearing my school uniform!

How could my parents do this to me and it is a wonder I was not traumatised for life.

Can you imagine any child been told to wear a uniform out of school, let alone on a summer holiday?

My mum said she was proud of me passing my 11-plus and going to the Grammar school and thought it was good idea to let me wear it.


Mum and Dads Ration books were in the box with the photos – I’ve got mine somewhere, have you?

More photos:-


These elephants were having a drink from the canal when the circus came to town. The animals used to parade through the town when they arrived – animals not allowed in circuses these days.

More holiday snaps revealed


Morecambe and Wise were at the ‘Bathing Beauty’ contest – do these still take place nowadays? 


This one shows me getting an autograph from Jimmy Savile and that is all I got from him!


Monday morning we got out the map and discussed where we should go for a run out in the car.

We decided on Skegness as a friend of ours had moved from Bampton up to Skegness last October and we gave her a call and we agreed to meet for lunch.

As we arrived earlier than expected we had a stop off at the beach.


Golden sands but it was freezing with the winds coming from Siberia.

After a lunch in a local hotel -Fish Chips and mushy peas of course – we moved onto another hotel near to the beach for coffee.


After a coffee it was time for a stroll along the beach where we noticed that they do make use of the wind here as there any many turbines out at sea – I wonder if they had a petition to try to prevent them here?

We then went down to Gibraltar Point http://www.lincstrust.org.uk/reserves/gib/ which is a National nature reserve overlooking the Wash towards Norfolk.


Tuesday, we decided to use our National trust http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/ cards and we headed off to Hardwick Hall http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/hardwick/ in Derbyshire.

On the way my other half decided to check to see if it opened on Tuesdays and guess what it didn’t!

We rerouted to Chatsworth House, which isn’t a National trust property so it cost us £16 each on top of the £3 car parking charge.

On the way to Chatsworth the Satnav took us over the hills where snow was still piled up along the roads and the edges of the fields.

When we got to the car park I spotted this.


I wonder if Steve McDonald was driving it?

It was very interesting touring around the house, my favourite part was this bath hidden away in a cupboard.


On our way back, my mum suggested we stopped off to see an old friend of hers as she wanted to meet me as we had not met for nearly 50 years.

As mums do, she said to her “Has he changed?”  –  I think so!

We went out for a meal in the evening to Markham http://www.markhamhotel.co.uk/ and I saw this on the menu.


‘Hen’s egg’ – I would pay to watch a cockbird lay one!


We returned home on Wednesday as we had to attend a cremation of our friend ‘Den’.


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