Shall I continue to trot down to Costcutter every morning to purchase my Racing Post or should I borrow my other half’s iPad and download it instead to save myself £40 a month??


The big selling point from the download is that the first edition is available at 8pm in the evening with an update of the final edition at midnight so you get ‘ahead of the field’ rather than waiting till the paper shop opens at 7am.

The downside is that I have to wrestle the iPad off its owner and perform the download that often takes quite a few minutes. I am then distracted from my evening TV viewing whilst trying to read the ‘ipaper’.

Other problems I have found are

-What do I do when I have my breakfast as I normally read the paper at the same time? I have already seen the iPaper and again it would involve more wrestling with my other half.

-When I go to the races what do I take to review the form? I could take the iPad – but would she trust me not to lose it?

-There are some important elements of the paper not on the downloaded version that I use for sorting out my selections but is it worth £1.50 extra a day?


Today I have bought a Racing Post (as well as reading it online last night) as I am going to Exeter this evening.

What else would I do for an hour when I arrive without a paper to look at?

I know it is Ladies night but after you have seen one or two of the young ladies tottering across the course in their high heels you have seen them all.

I will not be there to watch them stagger back to the car park in a sorry state as I will be away and gone as soon as the horses pass the winning post in the last race.

There is a concert at the course after racing so I do hope the scantily clad ladies will remember to bring along a cardy as it will get extremely chilly at the top of Haldon Hill.


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