Welcome to Bampton




Who would be a removal man?


Our twinning chums that live next to Costcutters moved out today and there were a couple of large vans outside early this morning helping them on their way.


About 5pm I looked out of the bedroom window and I thought ‘here are the new arrivals’ – there was a great big removal lorry with a trailer about the same size towing behind.


Outside of the house were a couple cones (police ones that presumably had been borrowed!), however the removal van driver overshot and had parked further up the street.


Reversing looked tricky so they went to the end of the street to turnaround – little did they know that was an even trickier action.


Several minutes later they reappeared but the ‘reserved coned area’ was not big enough and a double car parked did not help as the large removal vehicle slalomed down Brook St bringing the traffic to a halt.

The car then moved but how to get the long vehicle into the smaller gap became the $64,000 question.



Before any move could take place a few more shoppers turned up and managed to park both in front and back – did they not think?



Unfortunately by this time a car trapped on the inside needed to move but at least the driver seemed quite calm and waited until the cars at the back moved and the removal chaps reversed up.


The next problem was how to get into a gap close to the pavement before unloading.


The owner of the Range Rover at the front of the queue was identified and a knock on his door was needed to ask a favour.


Eventually the range rover and the car behind moved and parking was available –only about an hour after they arrived.




Last night as expected turned into a chilly evening at Haldon.


The girls rolled up in their finery.



There was the best ladies hat completion


and the best-dressed lady.



I don’t know how they managed as by the second race I had resorted to two fleeces to keep warm.


This morning my planned trip to Exmouth – I have been asked to do some work! – Had to be postponed so I set off to Tiverton to get my car tyre checked out as it was losing pressure and you can’t be zipping up and down the motorway with a dodgy tyre.


As I waited for ATS so sort out the problem I went to get my photo taken as I need to renew my driving licence- another £20 tax!


As I wandered through the metropolis of Tiverton to the photographic shop I had to take a second look at a couple of shops – I thought I was already on my holiday to Turkey.





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