British Weather !

After our aborted trip to Lundy Island yesterday due to the forecast gales we returned to Bampton when it poured down all day and I mean all day.

Today I was supposed to be going to the first day of the Somerset v Middlesex cricket match at Taunton but looking out of the window last night I wasn’t rushing to pack my bag or think about what sandwiches I should take.

I checked the forecast and Wednesday was the best of the next four days (of the cricket) but ever the optimist as cricket followers are I was still hopeful that they had protected the pitch from the incessant rain.

When I woke I peered out of the window and the pavements were dry, promising.

I looked at the BBC news on my phone and it had SNOWED in Devon would you believe

The weather was quite bright as I set off but as I approached Tiverton it went distinctly cloudy and as I motored up the M5 it was even cloudier but no sooner as I got into Somerset and headed towards Taunton I could see lots of blue sky.

Guess what, the day was totally blue sky with the odd cloud but there was lots of SUNSHINE.


The layers came off but I couldn’t go as far as I wanted and take my jumper off as my white short-sleeved T-shirt was over the top of my grey long-sleeved thermals.

At one point in the early afternoon I heard an old chap (well, older than me) say to his wife “can you give me a hand?”

I turnaround, as you do, to see him struggling to get his overcoat off but his wife had nodded off in the warmth so I had to lean over and tug at his sleeve for him.

As I walked around the ground at lunchtime it was good to see that amongst the pictures of Somerset heroes of the day there was one of a great Yorkshire cricketer.


Brian Close – he was hard! 

Just watch him tackle vicious bowling


I did see one sign at the ground that was actually stating the obvious.


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