Am I missing the Post Office?

I’m not missing the early mornings and having to be ready to serve the world at 8:30 each day and then having to man my post until five thirty. However, I am missing out on the chats with everyone and the potential blogging stories. When I went to bakers the other morning there was a couple of friendly faces in there having a coffee and they collared me and said that they were missing the Post Office being in the middle of the town and community spirit that went with it.  I did apologise but I said that as no one wanted to take on the ownership we had to call it a day sometime. I asked them how the recently instigated ‘Community Lunch’ was coming along and they replied that the monthly get together was going fine but numbers have dwindled each month. People do have to support these initiatives otherwise they will fade away just as we did.

Someone had commented how the ‘new’ Post Office was disappointing, as it did not do a ‘Sweet of the Week’ as we did. Concerns about the traffic outside of the Spar have resulted in the council looking into building a crossing outside.

We have spotted one or two people still venturing up the Post Office door before they spot the ‘Relocation’ poster. One of ‘our customers’ did knock on our door and say ‘I’ve just posted a letter in the post-box without a stamp”. I am not sure what they expected me to do but all they were doing was what they used to do. A couple of customers have also ambushed us in the street asking to buy some wrapping paper and notelets and as we still had some left we did invite them inside to take some.

Our lie-ins have been disturbed a couple of times. One morning (9:30 on a Sunday) there were all sorts of noises on the street outside. When I peeped through the curtains this is what I saw.



Once a year this happens as the sheep are relocated.

Last year it happened the day the large group of cyclists were passing through Bampton.

Last Saturday, we were woken by more disturbances outside.


This time it was the plant sale taking part outside of our house.

Do you remember the removal lorries outside a couple of weeks ago? Well our new neighbours joined us for a Quiz at the Swan the other Sunday and we won. I suppose 6 brains are better than 4! I do think our new neighbours will need to learn to drink a bit quicker to fit into the Bampton Social circle – more practise required.

What is this chap doing?


I met him in Costcutter and he had found a cucumber in the street and was trying to return it to its owner. He tried Costcutter first but it was not one of theirs so here he is heading for the Fruit & Veg shop.

Here is a good tip when dining out at lunchtime.

I went to a place called Zizzi in Taunton today.  The place was fine and the food good, however when we arrived they gave us their standard menu. The friend I was with said that they advertised a lunchtime menu at a fixed price but we did not see any of these around. We requested a lunchtime menu and the waitress disappeared to a different room then returned and took the menu out of a drawer close to us. When we checked the prices against what we wanted we saved about £10 by ordering from the lunchtime menu rather than the standard menu. Was it company policy to not give out the lunchtime menu do you think?  Bear this in mind when you dine out.


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