I wish I had taken a photo for you


It would have been easier to explain if you have seen it for yourselves. 
It was the first day of our holiday in Turkey. After arriving in the early hours of the morning we had a relaxing morning before we ventured out for a stroll towards then along the beachfront. We sat down for a spot of lunch at Cafe Soul and placed our order. After a few minutes I could sense everyone was looking in my direction. They were , but they were looking past me at a lady who has stopped at the place next door. As everyone was staring I just had to turnaround to get a look.  It might not have been Ephesus but it was a memorable view of Turkey. As I didn’t like to stare, all I saw was the the chest of the lady. The bikini top was, how can I describe it? Like throwing a spotted hanky over Dunkery Beacon. When she finished chatting she then walked past the cafe and you could see the lady had seen better days,  the flat stomach was a thing of the past. Then when everyone got the rear view it brought smiles to everyone faces – the bottom half of the bikini was one of those thong things so the outfit was a bit cheeky. The lady then tottered off on her high heels along the promenade to provide the rest of Calis with the same entertainment. We had to help the young waiter chap stood next to our table put his eyes back into their sockets as they had popped out.
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