Recorded Highlights

The holiday has come and gone now.

 I recorded a few of the highlights via my phone camera.


This colourful chap parades up and down in the evenings along the promenade in Calis Beach hawking his wares of flashing toys.


One of the best things to do on holiday in Turkey is to go out on a boat and enjoy the sun and sea whilst enjoying wonderful local food and drink. The cost for the day out is about £13 and you get lunch included in the price and just look at the spread.


The sea is beautifully clear and is nice and warm when swimming from the boat.


This gulet is one of many is the seas surrounding Turkey.


Lots of people take their holidays on these and at Bristol airport we had met a sales lady who supplied Jellycats to our shop and she was going on a gulet with friends and family for a week. We tried to work out if she was on this actual gulet.

This poor turtle had been badly injured by a boat and was at the rehabilitation centre at Dalyan


A poultice and bandage was applied to a bad gash in its head. And the material was put over its shell to keep it damp.

The centre was set up by June Haimoff who is an amazing lady in that she fought the major development on the Izturu beach, the breeding ground for the turtles. She approached Prince Philip, David Bellamy and with their help got the project stopped.

When June settled at Izturu in 1984 she lived in this hut on the beach.


The hut is now used an information centre and museum.

We called in at Olu DenizÖlüdeniz, which was the first place we visited in Turkey in 1999.


It is famous for it’s Blue Lagoon and is a centre for paragliding.

We did the paragliding would you believe, back in 1999, starting from the top of a mountain 6000 feet high and then gliding down to the beach. The scary bit was going up to the top of the mountain in the jeep!

Have a look at the video (not us) to see how gentle and beautiful the flight is

In these modern days of technology, how about this?

We sat outside of this Shaka café at Fethiye and it has a webcam . Using the café’s Wi-Fi I messaged family members to check out the pictures from the webcam to watch us having a refreshing beer in the sun. Within seconds, several messages were received back to say they were watching us and I even got a picture of us sent back to me.


Just up the road from the café we found an ice rink, next to the sea in afternoon 35-degree sunshine.

On investigation we found the ice rink made of a synthetic surface and we could not believe it would work. Several children went on the rink but they were hanging onto the side as they made their way around. We did not think anyone could skate on it so we asked the chap who was in charge to put his skates on and show us – so he did and you see him here

Near to the end of the holiday we went to see one of friends who worked at one of the hotels we regularly stayed at in Calis. She has now moved on to a newer hotel and she was pleased to see us and took us on a tour of the new hotel and it was very impressive for the price.  

I did chuckle at this sign on the wall though. Image

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