Losing my eBay virginity

I have never really bothered much with eBay personally.


I have ‘bought and sold’ the occasional item by asking my other half to do the business as it seemed a faff for little gain.


A couple of CD’s that I wanted to copy for my phone have been purchased along with a couple of Belgian beer glasses to pour my Belgian beer into (as it tastes better in the proper glass).


A couple of Royal Ascot brochures that I acquired on my hospitality visits have been sold– all profit there!


A while ago Sue volunteered to sell my T-shirt that I bought in ‘One of a Kind’ Ron Jon surf shop  http://www.ronjonsurfshop.com at Cocoa Beach, Florida.


It was a dark pink T-shirt with a print of the Atlantis shuttle that I saw launched from Cape Canaveral in October 1989 but wearing such a T-shirt when I got back home didn’t seem a great idea so It sat in the drawer until a couple of years ago.


We were staying in Orlando and when we heard the shuttle was taking off we drove to the coast to watch the incredible sight. About an hour before launch they called it off so we had to do the same journey the following day when it did roar off into the blue sky.


I digress.


Mother is emigrating to the USA shortly- must be something I said-so when we visited recently we had to help her to have a good sort out.


She was going to throw lots of items away so I rescued things that I would use or I thought were saleable on eBay.


Many people seem to sell all sorts of items, even some things that most people would just throw away. I should know as I helped hundreds of customers with their mailing of eBay sales, listening to the groans when they had undercharged for the postage.


With the help of my other half I set off on my eBay adventure.


Setting up the eBay and PayPal accounts, a second email address to keep communication separate and then I was away.


My very first own item was a ticket from a football match in 1957.




I quickly followed this with a copy of the Daily Mirror from the Charles & Diana wedding day




And a programme from a show I went to see with my parents in 1966 at Doncaster Image


On the bill that night was


The Hollies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It75wQ0JypA&list=TLhjpitCDG66A ,


Spencer Davis Group http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMFBUDpMZyo ,


Paul Jones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMEgDBj6n9g  


The Tremeloes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQXbtlbQX70&list=PL3316BB553218A556


What is amazing is that I will be going to see the Hollies in November, the Manfreds (including Paul Jones) in October and the Tremeloes in February.

We are all still going strong!


One week later the football ticket sold for £4.22 and the programme for £3.20 with no takers for the newspaper. I will try the paper for another week and if not sold it can go into the recycling.


There was a strange happening during the sale of the programme as a person emailed me to say they wanted to put in a large bid for it as long as I removed the postage and packing charges as he would send me a stamped addressed envelope instead. I ignored this and he didn’t bid after all, even though he reckoned it was worth £30.


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