Good Samaritans

On Sunday I had a pleasant day at the cricket watching Somerset defeat local rivals Gloucestershire and even though my other half was picking me up I only succumbed to one pint of beer all day

My other half picked me up in East Reach, away from the crowds and traffic and we set off home via Wiveliscombe on a pleasant summers evening discussing what we may have to eat when we got home.

Having passed the Rock at Waterrow, passed not stopped at, I said, we tootled on our way to Bampton. All of a sudden the car came to a grinding halt.

Bugger, we were stuck on a quiet country road.

Luckily we had a phone signal so we rang the RAC who said, “It might be three hours”. “But we are stuck on minor road and it will be dark soon” we replied.  “I will put that on the details for you” the chap at the other end said.

I wandered back up the road for a hundred yards and put out my warning triangle just in case it did get dark and hopefully drivers might just see that before they piled into the back of us!

I have had several triangles in the back of my car for years and luckily this was the first time one had been called into action.

While we sat in the car, thinking about food three Samaritans did stop and asked if they could help.

A couple from Bampton, who had also been to the cricket stopped and asked if they could help but I said we were just having to wait for the RAC truck. A second car pulled alongside, rolled down their window and asked if we needed help and then the owners of a B&B didn’t turn into their farm but continued down the road to see if we were okay. They said we could go to the farm for some tea and biscuits if we needed something.

Thankfullt the RAC man turned up after about an hour and after trying a few things asked where the manual was for our car! I knew where that was even if I didn’t recognise the bits of the car under the bonnet.

After a while he decided it was a faulty petrol pump, no not the things you find on the garage forecourt but a bit somewhere in the car that sends the petrol through to drive the engine thingy.

“Shall I tow you home to Bampton or to your garage in Wellington?” the RAC man asked.

Bampton might have been the easiest answer as it would mean food quicker but then I would have a conked out car to get to Wellington so we plumped for a tow to Wellington. The RAC man hitched up the car to the back of his truck, we clambered aboard and he set off for Wellington but not via Bampton (where one of us could have been dropped off) as he turned around and proceeded to Milverton.

Thankfully my daughter came to rescue us from Wellington, arriving with a sandwich and some bags of crisps.

The car took a couple of days to fix, as the replacement part did not arrive on Monday.

I collected the repaired car late today wishing the garage a “Merry Christmas” as I’m hoping not to see them again until the service is due in March.

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