Sausage to Lycra and back

Thursday had been a busy day – cooking.

I started by making several batches of shepherd’s pie mixture with my special ingredient that is the leftover meat and sauce from a Kleftiko (Slow cooked lamb that originated during the time of the Turkish occupation of Greece. Absolutely delicious and so simple to do). There are many differing recipes for Kleftiko but I make it with lamb shanks.

Next I made a big potful of red lentil soup that had lots of ingredients, one of which happened to be the lentils.

Finally I was getting all of the ingredients out for a Jalfrezi curry together for the evening meal. Everything was set out on the kitchen worktop when I got the call.

“ Do you fancy Sausage & Mash at the Toucan tonight? They have had a cancellation and they have asked if we wanted to plug the gap”.

”Okay” I replied. “We can have the curry tomorrow night”.

So off we trotted to the Toucan, to choose which sausages out of a choice of about 5 different flavours, accompanied by mash (4 sorts), gravy (3 to choose from), and vegetables if you want to top up your five a day.

All this stress of picking what to have was reduced with help of an Exmoor Gold.

The S&M was demolished, being washed down with some Pinot Grigio and it was followed down with a dessert – well there was crumble and custard on the menu.

A some point of the evening the conversation got around to lycra- don’t ask me how.

Anyway the question was asked “Have you seen the cyclists on a Saturday?”

I hadn’t.

Evidently the Toucan is now a regular haunt for a bunch (?) of cyclists who venture out in a group on a Saturday morning and they all pile into the Toucan for refreshments.

Some of the old dears that frequent the establishment are apparently giving their Specsaver specials an extra polish on Saturday mornings before they venture in for a cuppa (and a front seat) in the Toucan.

One lady was overheard saying, as she peered at the groin of a Lycra clad cyclist “They put it on a plate for you, don’t they?”

I thought no more about until I went to downtown Bampton on Saturday morning and was confronted with this




A shed load (Bike shed?) of cycles on the pavement leaning against the Toucan.

It reminded me about sausage night!

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