The Post Office has been here for over 100 years and my wife and I have been running it since March 2003. Over the years many unusual events have happened but we have not recorded them for posterity. Hopefully with this blog not only can we record them but we can also share them with everyone.

Bampton, a historic Charter Town, lies in mid Devon close to the Somerset border, and is on the edge of the Exmoor National Park.

For the visitor, it is therefore ideally sited for road and rail links, and is at the centre of an area where there is much to do and explore. The whole of the centre of Bampton is a conservation area, and there are almost 100 listed buildings and other objects within the parish.

Our little town has a surprising range of local amenities – shops, pubs, restaurants, businesses, and places to stay. It also has quite a history from the Romans to its early Saxon origins, the Norman castle, the wool and pony trade, the 12th century church, the quarrying of the local stone; now it is a thriving centre used by local villagers and visitors.



4 Responses to About

  1. Bruce – vgreat blog – very entertaining so see how life passes on the other side of Brook Street. Love the White Horse suggestion – thought I was going to see you rooll up and wash the windows but no,…your action was far more permanent!

  2. Charlie Beeden says:

    Hi, we are hoping to move to Bampton in the near future and have seen that the Post Office is moving to the Spar, What will become of your present shop/PO?

    • bamptonpo says:

      Since January 2011 we tried to sell the house/PO and several people had an initial interest in buying but nothing materialised.
      We have given up the Post Office and we are closing.
      We will then remarket the property (a 5 bedroom house) with an empty shop which can then be reopened or converted into extra rooms in the house.

  3. Charlie Beeden says:

    Good luck to you. I know these things can take time. Next time we are in Bampton – son I hope – we will introduce ourselves.

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