Monday 28th May

‘Bampton Big Plant’ happened today.

During the afternoon Cove Nursery delivered the hanging baskets and plants for the tubs and boxes in the town.

In addition the nursery and the Fruit ‘n Veg shop were selling plants to the people of Bampton encouraging them to also get involved in producing a flower display that Bampton is famous for.

BBC Spotlight came down to film the event so look out soon for it appearing on the TV.

Lots of people, both adults and children came down to help and at one time the pavement outside the shop and our house was awash with baskets and plants. It looked like we had acquired a front garden.

Some plants were placed in the leet that runs alongside Brook St so get some water into them before planting.

My daily job for the next 3 to 4 months is to water the baskets and plants so I think I will need to design a device to build a small a dam in the leet so it is deep enough to draw water. This will be necessary as the South West water bills have been delivered this week and everyone is up in arms about the hike in prices.

Several customers came in and were complaining about their higher bills so I thought I would tweet this. Without including the SW water label I got a tweeted reply within minutes from SWW suggesting I check out their website to see the investment in improvements necessitating the increase in tariffs.

My computer is still at the hospital so I’m not blogging an all cylinders at the moment. I will try to add some photos of the planting when I can.

After work we raced off to Plymouth theatre to see Doctor in the House. It was a great laugh so try and catch it if you can. It’s only 75 minutes down the road from Bampton.


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